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Welcome to the Big Fresno Fair On-line Virtual 2020 Entry Process
If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser, please use 6.0 or higher.
Before you begin the on-line entry process, print out a printer friendly version of these instructions (see icon at top right corner above this box), and visit the The Big Fresno Fair website to download, print and read all rules for all of the department(s) you plan to enter.
1.) First you will Log-in or Register if new exhibitor
    • Choose “Quick Group” ONLY if you will be submitting entries for multiple family members or multiple exhibitors, otherwise choose “Exhibitor” or “Club” from the Login menu.  
    • If you are a teacher/club leader/coordinator/advisor, you may want to enter your members or students within the Quick group process.  Please call our office if you have any problems:
    • 559-453-6890. After completing entries for the first club member, but before “checking out”, select “add entries for another exhibitor” for all club members to be entered.  
    • Create a password using letters and/or numbers (Max 11 characters). Letters are case sensitive. (Hint: Keep it short and simple.)  
2.) Session will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity so you should “save the cart” if you plan on leaving the machine for more than 20 minutes
3.) After Log-in or register/log as an exhibitor, you will CREATE ENTRIES, selecting the Department you want to enter and follow prompts.
    • Bold fields are Required information fields.
    • Enter Cell phone number as 10 digits without parenthesis or dashes, i.e. 8582715400.  
    • Enter Dates as mm/dd/yyyy, (i.e. 09/15/1954).  
    • Use the ”Make Payments To” field for designated premium check payee only if different from exhibitor. Any information in this field becomes the default premium check recipient.  
    • Youth competitors MUST enter age (as of Jan 1), date of birth, parental phone number, club (if applicable), club leader (if applicable).  
4.) When you are done adding entries, you will need to CHECK OUT (bottom right button) in order to complete this process and submit entries to the fair.
    • Payment by credit cards ONLY (MC, VISA, Discover, AM EX) REQUIRED at time of entry.  
    • After completing your entry on-line, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do NOT receive a confirmation, your entry was NOT completed/received.(check your junk/spam email folder if necessary!)   
5.) Uploading Photos and Documents will be required for entry.  Please follow the directions carefully and accurately. Your entries will be solely judged on the pictures you are uploading.    
Virtual Submission
    • All entries must be submitted online and required images or` pdf’s must be uploaded.
    • All uploads will need to be saved on the computer to a picture file in order to be uploaded into the entry.
    • Images must not exceed 8MB 
Judging & Display:
    • Entries will be judged and displayed virtually.
    • Due to space limitation some entries may not be displayed.
    • No Premiums or awards will be paid out for the Virtual Fair. 
Department Specific Rules
    • For Baked Food division please submit one photo of whole entry and one photo of entry cut in half  showing the inside.
    • For Fiber Arts division when applicable please submit one photo of entire entry and one photo of a close up showing the stitching.
    • For all other divisions please submit one photo of your entry.
Please contact tcollins@fresnofair.com with any questions or concerns.